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Fist, Red Boy, Heart, Hometown Love, Fighting Against the Epidemic - Ms. Wang Huimei Donates 84 Disinfectants to Her Hometown

Ms. Wang Huimei is a native of Jinxian, Jiangxi who has worked abroad for many years. The raging epidemic has also affected her hometown. While in Nanjing, she is always paying attention to the changes in the epidemic in her hometown. On February 4, Wang Huimei learned about the shortage of anti-epidemic materials in Jinxian County on the official WeChat public platform. She was so anxious that she searched around and tried her best to buy 1.05 tons of 84 disinfectant. At this time, the logistics had been stopped. In order to deliver this batch of 84 disinfectant to the front line of the fight against the epidemic in her hometown as soon as possible, she rented a truck from Nanjing and traveled more than 600 kilometers day and night, and finally delivered the batch of 84 disinfectant safely. Jinxian. She immediately contacted He Jiefeng, director of the Jinxian County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and entrusted him to make a donation to the Jinxian County Health Commission. She said that she would do her best to help her hometown in the fight against the epidemic.

   The epidemic has no mercy. Although Wang Huimei is in a foreign land, she cares about her hometown. She demonstrates her original intention and responsibility, conveys the love of the world, and strengthens the confidence and determination of Jinxian medical staff to win the battle against the epidemic!

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