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Climbing the old mountain to celebrate the 70th birthday of our motherland, forming a group to celebrate Shenglue's 10th birthday

Climbing Laoshan to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland and organizing a group to celebrate Shenglue’s 10th birthday

In the golden autumn of October, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland and the 10th anniversary of the company's founding, the company organized an activity of "climbing Laoshan to celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland and organizing a group to celebrate Shenglue's 10th birthday".

In the morning, comrades gathered at the foot of Laoshan to get to know each other again through the "ice-breaking game". In the big family of Shenglue, we come from all over the world. It is fate that brings us together to work hard for a better future. Then, after General Manager Wang Huimei gave an impassioned speech, the mountain climbing began. On the way to the mountain, there is sweat and laughter, fatigue and excitement, and more importantly, the joy after reaching the top.

In the afternoon, the four departments of the company formed their own teams, namely the "Black Cat Sheriff" team composed of the Quality Inspection Department, the "Beautiful Girl Team" composed of the Production Department 1, the "Gunma Ranbu" team composed of the Production Department 2, and the Office The "Wolf Warriors" formed. After competing in activities such as "wheel rolling", "using hands and feet + building a platform together" and "passing messages at the station", the "Wolf Warriors" won first place.

Through this successful team-building activity, it not only increased the cohesion among colleagues in the company, but also enhanced the execution ability of employees and greatly improved the combat effectiveness of various departments. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future for the company in the next ten years!


Ms. Wang Huimei, general manager of the company, delivered an opening speech


Work hard to climb the mountain and climb the peak bravely


Gunma Ranbu Team: United as one, fiber optics turn into gold


Black Cat Sheriff Team: Black Cat Sheriff, you will win with one move!


Beautiful Girls Team: Shenglue Shenglue  solidified first place


Wolf Warriors: Going forward with courage  and overwhelming momentum


wheels rolling


Use hands and feet together + build a platform together


Mailing at the post station


Shenglue family portrait

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