Product classification

Optical Fibers

Technical description: Quartz double clad optical fibers use quartz material as the optical core layer, fluorine-doped quartz material as the optical layer, and are coated with resin to ensure the strength of the fiber. If necessary, an outer sheath layer can also be used. The use of fluorine-doped quartz material as the optical layer enables the optical fiber to transmit a wider spectral range and can transmit high-power optical energy.

Special fiber optic filaments

Application field: Can perform point and line lighting, and freely change colors; Soft, can bend and shape freely; Safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and maintenance free; Waterproof and UV resistant; Long service life and wide range of use.

Light guide bundle

● UV curing equipment ● Flame detection equipment ● Temperature measuring instrument ● Other industrial light equipment

Industrial testing optical fiber

Application field: ● Various spectral detection and analysis equipment ● Food testing equipment ● Environmental monitoring equipment ● Water quality testing equipment ● Integrating sphere measuring instrument ● Jewelry testing equipment ● Spectroscopy machine, packaging machine ● Raman spectrometer fiber optic ● Other spectral detection equipment


Application field: ● Industrial equipment lighting (laser processing equipment, screen printing equipment, packaging equipment, etc.) ● Machine vision lighting (auxiliary lighting for detection instruments and automation equipment) ● Fluorescent lighting (fire rescue lighting, cinema lighting, outdoor lighting, building lighting, car atmosphere lighting decoration, etc.) ● Other industrial lighting equipment

Therapeutic fiber optic

Application field: ● Various medical treatment equipment ● Treatment of varicose veins ● Treatment of lumbar disc herniation ● Private treatment ● Photodynamic therapy ● Dental treatment ● Ophthalmic treatment ● Urology treatment ● Excimer laser fiber optic catheter (ablation therapy) ● Proctology treatment ● Pulmonary therapy ● Physical therapy equipment ● Polarized light therapy device ● Other medical treatment equipment

Beauty fiber optic

Application field: ● Various medical beauty optical equipment ● Laser hair removal equipment ● Laser nose hair removal equipment ● Fat cutting equipment ● Red blood thread treatment device ● Other cosmetic lighting equipment

Customized fiber optic

Application field: ● Lidar fiber optic ● Other industrial, medical, lighting and other lighting equipment

Medical lighting optical fiber

Application field: ● Medical equipment lighting ● Endoscopic lighting

Fusion spliced optical fiber

Application field: ● Industrial sector (spectral detection, industrial lighting) ● Medical field (medical testing, surgical equipment) ● Other fiber optic usage environments

Fiber optic total station rangefinder

Application field: ● Total station rangefinder ● Other laser ranging equipment

Welding, high-power optical fibers

Application field: ● Laser plastic welding ● Metal laser welding and engraving (QBH fiber) ● Laser fiber (D80 fiber) ● Other laser welding equipment

LDI fiber optic

Application field: Various laser scanning imaging and exposure equipment ● LDI equipment ● 3D printing ● Laser printing ● Laser projection ● Other exposure devices using LDI optical fibers

Medical detection optical fiber

Application field: Various biochemical testing equipment ● Capillary electrophoresis instrument ● Blood oxygen detector ● Enzyme reader ● PCR equipment ● Jaundice meter ● Coagulation instrument ● Color comparison dishes ● Other biochemical testing equipment

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