Product classification

Customized fiber optic

Application field: ● Lidar fiber optic ● Other industrial, medical, lighting and other lighting equipment

Welding, high-power optical fibers

Application field: ● Laser plastic welding ● Metal laser welding and engraving (QBH fiber) ● Laser fiber (D80 fiber) ● Other laser welding equipment


Application field: ● Industrial equipment lighting (laser processing equipment, screen printing equipment, packaging equipment, etc.) ● Machine vision lighting (auxiliary lighting for detection instruments and automation equipment) ● Fluorescent lighting (fire rescue lighting, cinema lighting, outdoor lighting, building lighting, car atmosphere lighting decoration, etc.) ● Other industrial lighting equipment

Industrial testing optical fiber

Application field: Various spectral detection and analysis equipment ● Food testing equipment ● Environmental monitoring equipment ● Water quality testing equipment ● Integrating sphere measuring instrument ● Jewelry testing equipment ● Spectroscopy machine, packaging machine ● Raman spectrometer fiber optic ● Other spectral detection equipment

light guide bundle

● UV curing equipment ● Flame detection equipment ● Temperature measuring instrument ● Other industrial light equipment

Medical detection optical fiber

Application field: Various biochemical testing equipment ● Capillary electrophoresis instrument ● Blood oxygen detector ● Enzyme reader ● PCR equipment ● Jaundice meter ● Coagulation instrument ● Color comparison dishes ● Other biochemical testing equipment

Medical lighting optical fiber

Application field: ● Medical equipment lighting ● Endoscopic lighting

Beauty fiber optic

Application field: Various medical beauty optical equipment ● Laser hair removal equipment ● Laser nose hair removal equipment ● Fat cutting equipment ● Red blood thread treatment device ● Other cosmetic lighting equipment

Therapeutic fiber optic

Application field: Various medical treatment equipment ● Treatment of varicose veins ● Treatment of lumbar disc herniation ● Private treatment ● Photodynamic therapy ● Dental treatment ● Ophthalmic treatment ● Urology treatment ● Excimer laser fiber optic catheter (ablation therapy) ● Proctology treatment ● Pulmonary therapy ● Physical therapy equipment ● Polarized light therapy device ● Other medical treatment equipment

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