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Special fiber optic filaments

Application field: Can perform point and line lighting, and freely change colors; Soft, can bend and shape freely; Safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and maintenance free; Waterproof and UV resistant; Long service life and wide range of use.


Fiber core

Material: Imported flexible acrylic (PMMA)

Temperature resistance grade: -40°C~105°C

Fiber cladding

Material: Imported polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

Temperature resistance grade: -40°C~120°C

Wall thickness: ≥0.15mm


Product parameters:

model Fiber diameter Core transmittance Cladding transmittance numerical aperture Minimum bending radius
QSFP-1.0 1.0mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D
QSFP-2.0 2.0mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D
QSFP-3.0 3.0mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D
QSFP-3.5 3.5mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D
QSFP-4.0 4.0mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D
QSFP-5.0 5.0mm 93% 92% 0.65 10D

Note: The above product parameters can be customized according to customer needs.