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LDI fiber optic

Application field: Various laser scanning imaging and exposure equipment ● LDI equipment ● 3D printing ● Laser printing ● Laser projection ● Other exposure devices using LDI optical fibers


The bundle head can withstand high temperatures and high power, and will not burn out after 2 years of continuous use.

The end of the branch head is flat and the transmittance is high. It can be used continuously for 2 years and maintain high transmittance.

The sheathing tube is highly flame-retardant and UV-resistant, and will not be damaged after 2 years of continuous use.


Product parameters:

LDI optical fiber

Types of fiber optic filaments


Transmission wavelength


Numerical aperture NA


Connector type

SMA905/FC and other customized structures

Core diameter

105/125; 114/125; 200/220; other core diameters can be customized

branch structure

More in and one out

number of branches

custom made



Temperature resistant

Optional temperature-resistant connectors at the combined end ≤ 1000℃
branch end


Combined end ≤ 1200W
Branch end ≤ 5W

Note: Product parameters can be customized according to customer needs. 


Optical fiber arrangement: